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Baby toys for the best development of your child

Every baby is a miracle. And just as wonderful is their little world in which they begin to explore by playful learning. Age-appropriate baby toys will help your child awaken all of their senses - hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling. Baby toys are an important companion for your little one. It is super exciting to dive into the fantastic world of children together with your baby. Get inspired by our brands! The high-quality toys in our online shop are tailored precisely to the respective age group so that your child is optimally supported and at the same time has a lot of fun while playing

Baby toys are important for your little one’s development

Educational toys support the age-appropriate development of your child’s skills. Holding clutching toys fosters your baby’s motor skills as well as his visual perception of different shapes and colours. Toys that are equipped with rattles and little bells or interactive toys that feature sounds and noises are important for a healthy development of your baby’s hearing and promote his speech and language development in a playful way.

It is also important for your child to put toys into their mouth. In this so-called oral stage, your child explores his environment with their mouth, because at this early stage of life their lips and tongue are the most important sensory organs. Whereas, the sense of sight is not (yet) fully developed. Your child learns to distinguish shapes, surfaces, textures and taste while training and stimulating his hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Certain toys are also important for promoting the development of motion sequences. Different shapes, colours and noises motivate your child to turn around or crawl. Mobiles for instance, or crawling blankets are perfect for encouraging your little explorer to do so. Teaching your child how to sit straight or how to walk can be supported properly with baby seats and walkers or ride-on toys that also offer plenty of playing opportunities.

Finding the right toys for every age

Useful baby toys can promote your little one’s development right from birth and up. The best example for that is Sterntaler’s sleep well figure – a 30 cm cuddly soft toy which features the sounds of a heartbeat. These sounds remind your little one of the heartbeats in your womb and thus make him feel safe and comfortable so that he falls asleep much easier.

Also, from his first day on, your child will be madly in love with cuddly cloths or blankets. These cosy and soft companions soothe your child and foster his motor skills at the same time. We offer a careful selection of washable, completely harmless and safe toys from well-known manufacturers.

Children at the age of three months and up fancy everything that moves and makes noises. This is when the right time for a mobile, music box or a crawling blanket with play bar has come. Many crawling blankets feature a rattle, squeaking element and crackling paper that encourage your child to grasp, feel, play and move. Even more extensive activities are offered by blankets which do not only come with various grasping elements, but also with detachable items that play songs and texts and thus promote your child’s speech and language development.

Touch and feel books which are made of soft fabric are perfect toys for on the go. Activity gyms or mobiles can easily be attached to the infant car seat or the pram so that your little one can go on a discovery tour every time they like.

The urge to move is ever growing in your child, that is why at the age of six months at the latest, they will be absolutely keen on crawling, standing up, sitting down and simply exploring his environment. Interactive toys are perfect for this stage of development, because they are made to satisfy your child’s drive to discover and his needs for movement. Baby toys that feature flexible parts such as wheels, doors that can be opened and closed or sliding elements are simply perfect for children at this age.

At about that time, your child will also start to develop his speech and thus try to imitate the sounds and squeaking noises of his baby toys that sing, laugh and make funny noises. In any case, you should choose these toys carefully and always keep in mind that your child’s hearing is still very sensitive to noise. That is why, you should opt for toys that feature a sound level which feels pleasant to your child or even better, for toys that come with a volume control.

Safety and quality should have top priority

Whether it is the first every smile, the first little tooth, the first word or the first step – baby toys are important companions throughout all stages of your little one’s development. Hazards in the form of pieces that can be swallowed easily, poisonous paints and plasticisers or sharp edges can cause injuries or even severe illnesses in babies, infants and toddlers. That is why, it is important to pay special attention to a high quality and maximum safety when buying baby toys. The manufacturers that present their products on dispense with the use of harmful substances and only produce items that are subject to strict safety tests before they are offered on the market. Their robust toys which are completely free from harmful substances, feature an outstanding quality and have educationally valuable properties.

Buy suitable baby toys online on

Give your little explorer love and safety – and the right baby toys that support their healthy development. In our online shop, you can find popular toys from well-known manufacturers such as Sterntaler, HABA, Chicco, Grünspecht, VTech and many more, that have been carefully selected by us. Be enchanted and look forward to wonderful hours of playing, laughing and learning with your little sunshine. If you have any questions about our range, we are happy to help.

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