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Cuddly toys for playing and snuggling

Stuffed toys that are the most popular companions the youngest among us can play and snuggle with, belong in every nursery. These cute cuddly animals are not only mere baby toys but also little friends that soothe you child when they are weepy or feel not well. Being equipped with the right stuffed toy will help your child relax and recover in their bed. Due to the fact that the stuffed toy is an object your child comes in contact with most frequently and from a very early stage onwards, you should allow yourself enough time to select those products carefully. Ideally, you should compare several stuffed toys and manufacturers before finally purchasing the product – this way, you can make a well-considered decision. Here you can find some carefully selected cuddly toys, which feature tested quality and child-friendly workmanship.

Things you need to consider when buying a stuffed toy

If you are looking for a stuffed toy for your child, you do not only have to consider the toy’s look and appearance but also its quality. An accurate workmanship ensures that the stuffed toy can withstand even more intense stresses and strains so that your little one will be delighted by their soft and cuddly companion for a very long time. After all, the stuffed toy will accompany your child in all the unique and unusual situations of everyday life and thus needs to put up with quite a lot of things. When selecting a stuffed toy for your little one, the materials and fabrics of which it is made must have top priority. It is no secret that children love to put things into their mouth. That is why, your child’s new stuffed toy must not feature any small parts and pieces that can be swallowed. Also, potential parts that resemble limbs such as ears, arms and legs need to be sewed on the toy’s body firmly. Furthermore, a cuddly animal must be easy to clean. Due to the fact that the cuddly toy will be put into your little one’s mouth quite frequently, it needs to be clean at all times. Ideally, you opt for a toy that can be machine washed which ensures that you can clean the toy quickly even if it has stubborn stains and thus, it is ready to be used again by your child in no time at all.

This is how you recognise good-quality cuddly toys

A stuffed toy must be free from carcinogenic substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs). These chemicals are not acutely toxic for the human body, but can have negative effects on health if the body is exposed to it. That is why, PAHs are considered as harmful because they promote the development of malignant tumours. Another harmful substance is di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) which can be stored by the body when ingested regularly and thus impair the fertility of your child. The problem with harmful substances is that they can neither be detected by visual tests nor odour tests. If you want to make sure that the stuffed toy you opt for is free from these substances, we recommend you to buy only those products that are tested and certified. The limit value for the PAHs content in toys were already determined by the EU in 2015. Manufacturers that come below the limit values are allowed to mark their products with the GS mark which stands for “tested safety” and guarantees that the use of stuffed toys is safe for your baby.

Finding a high-quality stuffed toy for your baby

Nowadays, there are plenty of manufacturers on the market that produce stuffed toys. Due to this incredibly wide range, many parents miss the forest for the trees and find it difficult to choose the right toys for their little one. If you want to buy high-quality stuffed toys, you need to resort to manufacturers and brands that are already popular among parents and children because their products are known to be tried and tested extensively. Thus, every stuffed toy should have a detailed list of all materials and contents used for producing this toy.

Five features every stuffed toy for your baby should have

  • free from harmful substances such as PAHs and DEHP
  • no small parts that can be swallowed by your child
  • premium workmanship and high resilience
  • skin-friendly materials
  • tried and tested quality of renowned manufacturers

If you opt for a certain kind of stuffed toys and take into account the aspects mentioned above, you will make a long-term investment that will definitely pay off. In addition to this, safety and security for your child is provided so that he can rollick about with his new companion.

Manufacturers rely on child-friendly quality

Many manufacturers now rely on these quality criteria and produce their cuddly toys according to strict quality standards. The manufacturer Haba for instance, specialised on designing, developing and producing stuffed toys for babies. Toys and cuddly animals by this brand do not only feature soft materials but also tear-proof fabrics that are particularly resilient. In addition to this, stuffed toys by Haba are super easy to clean and most of them also feature covers that can be machine washed. Thus, you are given the opportunity to remove stubborn stains yourself. Furthermore, every cuddly animal by Haba comes with directions for use which not only contain a list of all materials and contents used for making the toy but also handy hints and tips for parents. This way, you know right from the start how to keep the toy clean and how to maintain its appearance. Furthermore, Haba offers a wide range of products – the variety of fanciful motifs and designs has something for every taste.

Grünspecht and Sterntaler also manufacture their toys according to the highest quality criteria and sustainability. With these manufacturers you are always on the safe side and you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality and safe product for your child.

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In our online shop you can find a careful selection of high-quality cuddly toys that can be wonderful companions for your child to play and cuddle with. All of them are characterised by their high-quality workmanship, and their tried and tested quality. That way, you can give your child a lot of joy while feeling reassured that you have provided them with a safe toy. If you have any questions about our cuddly toys or if you cannot decide which one to choose, we will be happy to help you.

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