Stacking game, a puzzle, or a metal construction kit – educational toys promote the development of your child and bring plenty of fun. Learn more & order now!

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Educational toys – learning and comprehending in a playful way

Regardless of whether it's a simple stacking game that supports your child's cognitive development or a more complicated metal construction kit that requires logical thinking - the principle of educational toys is as simple as it is ingenious: it should encourage children to discover the world in a safe but playful way. On you will find educational toys by top brands such as Haba, SMARTMAX or teifoc, with which your child can develop their talents and learn new skills.

Useful educational toys for kids on

Educational toys ensure fun and good mood, without your child even noticing that they are learning while playing. Matching games, sensory toys and the like do not only gradually teach your child basic skills and abilities, but also strengthen and improve what they have already acquired.

Nowadays, educational toys are designed so that their haptics, size, shapes, colours and possibilities of interaction promote certain physical and mental actions. The more often your child deals with these toys, the stronger and more sustainable the nerve pathways of the brain are developed.

So, if you choose your child's toys correctly, you can help them develop their physical, mental and cognitive skills as well as their language and social skills.

What types of educational toys are there?

1.) Cause & Effect Toys

These toys aim at the development of motor skills and eye-hand coordination and show even the smallest children that certain actions cause a certain reaction, hence the name Cause & Effect Toys. Toys from this category are, for example, shape sorters and stacking games, such as the “Rainbow Skyscraper" by Haba. These toys are suitable for toddlers between 6 and 36 months. So-called pop-up toys also fall into this category. They promote the development of eye-hand coordination and show your child how pressing, turning, pushing or switching various buttons, cranks and levers can cause objects to appear or disappear.

2.) Jigsaw Puzzle & Arranging/ Pegging Games

Puzzles and arranging or pegging games, such as Haba's 3D pegging game, help develop fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Here, clutching puzzles , which are suitable for ages from 12 months and up, are the perfect start. They feature bright colours that appeal to your child's imagination and have stronger contours for easier grasping and often also have a frame into which they can be pushed or placed. In addition to the haptic aspect, puzzles and arranging games are also excellent for increasing your child's ability to concentrate.

3.) STEM Toys

Nowadays, technology is widespread and has long since found its way into children's rooms. So-called STEM toys are specially designed to teach children skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Educational toys in this segment are, for instance, magnetic construction sets, such as the Start Plus by SMARTMAX or metal building kits by eitech. They promote motor skills, creativity and cognitive development, and at the same time train your child's spatial thinking.

Tips for buying educational toys

The responsibility to bring children's development on the right track lies primarily with the parents. This also includes the selection of suitable toys. What needs to be considered when buying educational toys?

Choose age-appropriate toys that suit your child's interests and skills

Of course, your child must be interested in a toy before playing with it. Infants at the age of 1 year can still do very little with technology-based toys, but they are even more delighted by colourful shape sorters, which offer different structures and different sound effects. Therefore, choose age-appropriate toys that suit your child's interests, but also challenge them.

Choose toys that promote your child's social skills

Children should be encouraged to be as social as possible from a young age, as this contributes significantly to self-confidence, communication and interaction skills later in life. By choosing toys that promote the development of social skills, such as board games, experiment sets, and building blocks, you can teach your child how to follow rules, how to compromise, and how to work together to solve problems.

Choose toys that stimulate the imagination and offer the possibility of role play

Role play is of crucial importance for children, as it does not only stimulate creativity, but also promotes language and planning skills. Toys such as play kitchens, shops or craftsman toy sets with the appropriate accessories allow your child to see the world through different eyes by slipping into other characters, and at the same time these toys give them the opportunity to process experiences and resolve conflicts.

High-quality educational toys on

Of course, toys are primarily intended to be played with, but they also promote the skills that are vital to your child's development. The best thing for parents surely to watch their children grow, to see how they learn and develop as people. So why not choose the best educational toys? At you will find age-appropriate and development-friendly toys for children from 6 months and up. Take a look around!

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